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Adidas / Female forward, everyday

Create a progressive approach that authentically connects the community, conversations and content with young female customers in NY and LA. Demonstrate smart ideas around sustainability including our responsibility to the world we live in and how the approach we are proposing can live beyond the store and beyond this moment in time.


Female forward, everyday – a platform for change. A progressive mindset, approach to design, and building community. Beyond a campaign; a commitment to contribute, give back, empower and engage.

Beyond retail - NY & LA hub activation
The retail environment is no longer about just product and transaction.
Consumer expectations and online purchase are driving the need for exciting change.
Stores are a valuable and dynamic environment, they can be activated and become a stage, a media space, a meeting place, a dwell space. And, importantly, an inspiring product showcase.



The LA store design approach (above) utilises repurposed local materials. In the windows, removable, lightweight digital light boxes face both outward and inward, carrying both tactical and campaign content, depending on the needs. The entrance space is activated with program exhibits, or feature merchandise. Local influencer partnerships (below) are cause-related and invite participation and generate events and content, from runs to in-store events to podcasts.



The NY store design (below) takes a gallery approach - modular and minimal, it switches modes rapidly for different programs. Customers access VIP merchandise, events and content through a members app. Social influencers drive a program of events and content geared to a sophisticated downtown lifestyle.



And, because discerning New Yorkers do not want their quality workout wear destroyed at the laundromat, we offer a drop off eco-friendly Celsius wash service to VIP members.

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