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China is open. Bloomberg is ready.

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China’s markets are radically changing, totally redefining the way onshore and offshore financial professionals need to operate. This brings enormous opportunity to access new markets, connect to an expanded world of financial decision-makers and capitalise on best-in-class industry expertise. Bloomberg brand was known in China, but not well understood in terms of what the company could offer financial players at every level.

With the goal of placing Bloomberg in the heart of key Chinese C-Suite conversations, this integrated reputation campaign ran in China in 2019 with focus in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Developed 100% in-house by regional and local Bloomberg creative teams.


> Airports (Shanghai and Beijing).

> Financial Office Buildings. Buildings in financial district with a network of LCD screens targeting professionals and businesses.

> Commuter hubs. Financial district subway stations and underground building connections

> Outdoor advertising. Mega LEDs on high-profile buildings to mark the launch of the campaign.


> Financial Publication. Bloomberg Markets Magazine Chinese Edition

> Print ads: A4 print adverts on Bloomberg BusinessWeek, China Finance (PBOC), China Forex, China Money, CFETS


> WeChat. Leveraging our community of 120k+ followers and paid advertising to tap into their 1 billion monthly users + always-on content production and promotion

> Weibo. Leading social platform with 411 million monthly active users. Cost-effective advertising option for awareness campaigns


> Financial publications. Caixin, Caijing

> Mobile Apps. ICBC client app

> Search Engines. SEM on Baidu (equivalent of Google in China) for financial keywords

> Other Chinese platforms: Tencent News


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