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Wearable Tech / Morgan Stanley HQ, Times Square

As creative director of Morgan Stanley’s giant digital screens, I guided thousands of pieces of content. Some of the more bespoke pieces were developed from research white papers the MS team had written. I pared them down and designed them as eye-catching video stories that teased out a bigger future-forward topic that will influence the world we live in -- wearable technology, driverless cars, data security, etc

Often, these subjects are conceptual, and the creative task at hand is to transmit into the future and realize some prototype versions of these things. In this case, we developed a fictitious backpack and fictitious outdoor jacket. We shot it ourselves and gave it some love in post-production.

Below you can see a quick clip of the content running on the 12,000 sq foot screens, some of the development, and the full video. We took sections of it for different channels; screens, web, social, etc.

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