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Asia overview. Throughout my career, I have guided hundreds of branding, content and campaign projects in Asia. In my time at Dentsu, I worked closely with Toyota executive in New York and Tokyo, to develop and supervise high profile campaigns, and I also oversaw work being shot in Japan. The years I was a creative director on HSBC took me into Asia on different levels, helping local Asian teams generate work for the global brand, as well as developing ideas and producing campaigns for the Asian market. As I have led the creative agency at Bloomberg over the last 8 years, I have built and overseen a diverse creative team spread across Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Beijing on a day to day basis (both remote and face-to-face) helping build strategies and delivering work into the market through the full spectrum of APAC:


Hong Kong
South Korea
United Arab Emirates


Below is a small sample of some work in key Asian markets

New Economy Forum, Singapore

Established in 2018 by Michael Bloomberg, the New Economy Forum is a community of global leaders engaging with the world’s most significant changes and challenges. The inaugural event was held in Singapore in November 2018, bringing together business, government and social leaders such as Henry Kissinger, Janet Yellen, Arianna Huffington and Mike Bloomberg himself.

Given the status of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the New Economy Forum in Singapore needed to differentiate itself. We developed a sleek branding that differentiated NEF from well-established competitors, representing a forward-thinking forum that is optimistically solutions-focused. The campaign launched with a two-day cover wrap on the Singapore Financial Times, and an OOH take-over at Changi airport. The creative approach leveraged the power of Bloomberg to generate interest around live streaming and the content hub. 

From anthemic advertising to subject-focused digital content, we designed an integrated, seamless branding campaign and live experience for a well-heeled, highly influential audience. The media plan ran both locally and globally. Over a thousand 15, 30, and 60-second television and radio spots aired. 

400 world leaders from 51+ countries attended.



Bloomberg China brand campaign
A two-phase campaign to help build an understanding of Bloomberg in mainland China, beyond the perception of a news brand. Weibo and WeChat were massive drivers for smart Bloomberg content. The media campaign ran in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzen, with a media budget of USD$1.7mm Read about it in deeper detail here.

China_OOH_KV7_RBG_1200px.png was launched with high profile out-of-home executions in Singapore and an extensive regional campaign using print, digital and video assets.
Five Singapore buses along routes through key commercial and financial districts were wrapped in black and white “Business is...” creative that included a pair of Singlish phrases: Business is kiasu, and Business is shiok.
At the Raffles Place MRT in the financial district, a 62m wall wrap featured Asia-focused creative that illustrated how unexpected, passionate and competitive the new world of business can be.


Bloomberg Television
We grew Bloomberg Television into the leading business channel in Asia. I created brand assets for programming and campaigns though key Asian cities, including a pop-up installation, featuring a live TV studio and interactive mock news broadcast at Chevron House, in Singapore's Central Business District.



Sooner Than You Think, Singapore 

Sooner Than You Think is a Bloomberg thought-leadership brand focused on the topics and trends on the cusp of revolutionising business, technology and the world around us. 
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