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I have created hundreds of motion data visualizations and infographics for digital screens environments. I led the creative direction of all work, as well as the brand content strategy and day to day rhythm of work development and production. Importantly, this kind of work can deliver very effect brand stories for audiences, the art is in the delivery of those stories.

Below is a small sample of work from different projects, or all shapes and sizes. Bloomberg London HQ screen is 48 feet wide and has a resolution of over 5 million pixels. Morgan Stanley screens covered 13,000 sq ft. The smallest screen size shown here is the London City Airport media wall at 25 feet wide.


Bloomberg London HQ lobby screen
This is a statement screen in a statement space. Running over 2500 pieces of content per day. These dataviz samples below and photostories are all put together by the creative team to give the audience a break from financial data. We wrote them with the general visitor in mind, helping convey a Bloomberg POV on the world, its economy, people and ideas.



Bloomberg special events

I led the creation of extensive content for screens as backdrops to Bloomberg events. Drawn from economic data and made beautiful. The production process on these does vary, depending on the brief. The example below was a sequence that ran during the Bloomberg New Economy Forum, in Singapore in 2019.


Morgan Stanley Times Square screens

I led the team that launched the project in 2015, and continued to lead the creative studio team designing, writing and producing the content until July 2019. Read more here.


London City Airport

These are dataviz stories that are formed from Bloomberg data, designed and animated. They are not live data feeds. They were scores of these, some quirkier than others. These pieces are engineered for a passive business travel audience, waiting in front of these screens in a lounge area for an average of 15 minutes. The content strategy was formed to help people see Bloomberg as more than just hardcore financial data, but as a brand that looks at all aspects of what makes the world economy tick. By the numbers, of course.

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