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13,000 square feet of non-stop, data-driven content.

[ content, design, experiential ]

One New York City block wide.

Three stories tall.

Seven synchronised digital screens work as one epic canvas.

2000 pieces of dynamic content every day.

These screens showcase some of the world’s most complex design animation and data-driven programming. Delivery breaking news and market data from Bloomberg, as well as Morgan Stanley content and branding.

I led the team that launched the project in 2015, and continued to lead the creative studio team designing, writing and producing the content.

We designed it from the ground up and delivered some amazing work that really pushed the boundaries of technology, data and design working in unison. Including cinematic visualisation of commodities market pricing running from live market data.

We partnered with Framestore Labs London to produce some killer work together.

This project won multiple awards, including two D&ADs, Art Directors Club, OneShow, DesignWeek and the Adobe D&AD Digital Design of the Year. Get comfortable and watch the case study video.

Cinematic content is synced to live market data to display accurate pricing every time.


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