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A content extravaganza, supersized.

[ content, design, experiential ]

Bloomberg has a culture of openness and transparency, and one of the tenets of their offices around the world is the pantry gathering space, increasingly populated with large digital screens. I led design and content for these screens, and this one in London is a showcase example.

The screen runs close to 2500 pieces of dynamic content per day, from live market data, to news to television feeds, branding and even Transport for London and Santander bikes data to help employees decide how they should think about that commute home.

At 15 metres wide, with a resolution of over 6 million pixels, the screen is just as great showing photographic and cinematic content as it is showing type, data and graphics.

For creative teams, this canvas provided a lot of opportunity to try new things and showcase Bloomberg data and intelligence in surprising ways.

For example, we made cinematic data visualisations of the world around us, shot from a helicopter:

We also took advantage of cultural events like the World Cup, to bring a more unexpected viewpoint;

We partnered closely with the Bloomberg newsroom to showcase the amazing work of Bloomberg photojournalists around the globe. We picked up their photo edits as they came in from the field, identified and distiled the relevant economic story and formatted the image sequences into epic Photo Stories, publishing multiples 15 meter wide stories per week to the screen. Here's a few examples:


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