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Brunch, art, yoga, Romans.

[ branding, experiential ]

The arrival of Bloomberg Arcade, a new culinary and cultural destination in London, created the need for a distinctive brand and a smart, lightweight approach to culturally-driven event programming.

Home to nine world-class independent restaurants, an ancient temple, a gallery and public art, Bloomberg Arcade is also on the site of a Roman road that has been restored through the development of Bloomberg’s new building in London, creating a dramatic public space.

Smart cultural programming and social media engagement (with partners ANM Communications) are attracting new audiences beyond the weekday footfall of City workers.

We created a format-driven identity system that is consciously distinct from Bloomberg’s corporate brand. The approach highlights - literally - the physical footprint of the Roman road brought back to life by the arcade.

The identity reflects the arcade’s place in the City: its footprint a diagonal line on a map, part of a building shaped by roads at unorthodox angles. The geometry of these lines forms the logic of the brand system. From the logo’s shape to how photography is dissected, the City's streets are used as a grid for all elements.

The system’s high adaptability, operating from small-space digital, through marketing and publications, to gigantic environmental, has unified and amplified the diverse events and activations at Bloomberg Arcade, helping turn it into a world-class destination in the City of London.


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