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The Lost City of London.

[ content, design, experiential ]

In this collaboration with the Museum of London and Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA), Bloomberg Studio designed several large exhibits featuring prominently in Paternoster Square in London’s Square Mile. We also published the content in broadsheet format newspaper.

The project tells the story of London’s lost city, the Roman discoveries that were made during excavations beneath Bloomberg’s new European HQ, and the rich Roman history that courses through London at large.

The stories combine archival photography and clippings with a narrative from MOLA, printed across ten large cubic modules around the square.

This was a component of a larger effort to launch London Mithraeum + Bloomberg Space, the restored temple and contemporary art gallery integrated into the new Bloomberg building.

The Bloomberg site archaeological dig uncovered over 14.000 Roman artefacts. We used some of them in a launch campaign for the restored Mithraeum. allows visitors to explore Roman London and book visits to the restored Mithraeum below Bloomberg's London office.

The London Mithraeum + Bloomberg Space launch campaign fused history and contemporary art.


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